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Boston Boys - the Law Dogs

Boston BoysOur whole love affair with the flat faced breeds began with Boston Terriers. Back in the late nineties, our middle son, Ryan, decided that we just HAD to have a Boston Terrier. He already had "her" pictured and was already referring to her as Big Shirley. This went on for months and months. In searching a rescue site, I e-mailed and told them of our interest - nothing came of it.

A few days after Christmas of that year, a lady from the Houston BT Club called to see if we were still interested in adopting a Boston. They were looking for a home for a BIG boy that had been found wandering a neighborhood, but had not been successful in locating any owners. We drove into Houston to meet BoBo and the rest is history. He wasn't "Big Shirley," but he was a perfect fit for our family. Unfortunately, we lost BoBo quite suddenly and unexpectedly in late November or 2009. We will always miss him and are so grateful to have wonderful memories of this sweet, funny boy.

MoureeThe next year we added Mouree to the group, a little ball and toy obsessed man, who we adopted through the Austin BT Rescue. After relocating to Central Texas, a puppymill fire resulted in us adopting Otis from the local SPCA. They are a wonderful breed and we are so happy to have these 3 little gentlemen as part of our family. They have all been as different as night and day and yet each has been so very special.


Our family, as well as thousands of others, have found amazing companions through breed rescue organizations. By welcoming an adult rescue dog into your home, you are taking the guess work out of buying a puppy. The volunteers from the foster home usually work towards teaching manners in the house, and can tell you if the dog is good with kids or cats, or needs special comfort during a thunderstorm. These organizations can help match you up with the dog that's right for your family. For more information, contact your local rescue group or visit our links page.