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CH Eva-Gyongye Amena – aka Fiona

FionaMy Fiona...where do I even begin? This little girl waltzed into our lives and took us totally off guard. We had no clue that she would have such an impact on both of us - we'll never be quite the same. She makes us laugh every day with her silly antics and there are many times that we could swear, by her expressions, that she is a person in dog clothes. She has allowed me to enter the world of dog showing. Fiona was a natural and finished her championship at just under 10 months old with back to back 5pt. majors in Shreveport. What a thrill! She has also been the reason for many new friendships that I've been blessed enough to establish with other Frenchie owners. Fiona came to us at 14 weeks - a little shy and unsure of herself. Wow! Has she ever overcome that and is now sometimes "a little too big for her britches" and likes to run the show with my other dogs. She is funny, smart, inquisitive, loving and a bit of a toot all rolled into one great little dog. We are crazy about our Fiona.

Fiona wins Best of Opposite Sex
Ch Eva-Gyongye Amena a.k.a. Fiona
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Fiona and her son, Angus
Fiona lies next to her son, Angus.