Heart of Texas French Bulldogs

This page is dedicated to our wonderful Miss Ellie and BoBo. Ellie came to us as a foster from French Bulldog Rescue Network, of which I am a volunteer. She was rescued from a shelter in Corpus Christi, TX, by the Aunt of one of our volunteers and we named Ellie after that Aunt Eleanor that helped to free her. She was in terrible condition when she got to the vet, filled with heartworms, eye, ear and skin infections and totally emaciated. The Animal Control people had considered euthanizing her, but something in her little determined old graying face convinced them to let FBRN have a chance with her. I'm so glad they took that chance.

Ellie went from the vet to San Antonio, where she stayed a few nights with another FBRN volunteer, Barb Hartvigsen, who has since become a dear friend. It was decided that I would foster Ellie and try to get her back to a healthier state. That process took 8 months. Ellie When she was better, I began accepting applications for the smiling girl, but didn't receive any that were anywhere near the life she was living at our house. So we finally turned in an application to adopt Ellie and the board graciously accepted it with several of the volunteers asking - what took you so long? Ellie was so appreciative of everything that was done for her - provided you were not another dog trying to get to her food bowl. Through all the months of heartworm treatments and meds for her ailments, not one time did she act fussy with us. Now she did have to keep my other dogs in line from time to time - afterall, she was the matron of the house. She LOVED the water hose sprinkling water on her - she would run and chase the water as well as the light from a flashlight. She was a character!

We began to see her health declining, but she fought hard to the end. Her heart was just having to work too hard and it couldn't keep going. Ellie died in my arms at the vet's office, while we were waiting for him to come in to end her suffering. She was just that kind of lady to go on her own and to not make me have to make that difficult decision. She left us with grace and dignity, just like she came to us and we will forever be grateful that we had the honor of loving Miss Ellie.


Rest in Peace, sweet man. We will never forget you.


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